Our work "speaks" for itself


“Madison Avenue Social has put the Cross and Sheaffer brands on the fast track, with great social media marketing, which has extended to our licensing partners, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fonderie 47 & Liberty United. The Mad Ave Social team delivers on their commitment, daily to develop an emotional connection with our consumers. With 1,000+ posts, articles and interviews to-date, Madison Avenue Social is one of the most dynamic and emotion-provoking social agencies on the horizon."

- Robert P. Baird, Jr., CEO, A.T. Cross


Brand awareness evokes loyalty   

We work with the Cross team to ensure that we understand key messages and can be their voice. This enables us to shine the light on a strong brand story.


Innovation creates anticipation

As part of the launch of the new Cross TrackR pen with GPS, our campaign features Bluetooth and TrackR branding, along with showcasing the new promise that you will never lose your pen again.


Entertainment engages a fan base  

Check out our Super Heroes! Millions of people do!


Influencers persuade audiences    

We work with brand advocates and micro influencers to generate awareness among their fans.


Occasions are reasons to celebrate    

There are thirty seven real, or imagined "holidays" in the year. We use them strategically to let people know there are many opportunities to be thoughtful.


Gifting inspires thoughtful gestures 

We demonstrate how easy it can be to say, "I love you"; "thank you"; "thinking of you." We also encourage unique inscriptions with a contest to tag people, which is always a sure-fire way to generate excitement.


Fun contests engage followers 

Nothing creates more customer engagement than a contest. Not only do people love to participate but, they also share the opportunity with their friends and family.


Thought leadership stirs curiosity 

We develop headlines from relevant articles to illuminate the importance of cursive writing in learning.


Politics generate points of view 

Most brands opt out of messages regarding politics. Cross Pens has been the Presidential writing implement of choice since Gerald Ford. Cross had the honor of continuing this tradition and staying on message that they are the official pen of the White House. We turned the election coverage into a “Said Who” quote quiz that inspired and educated Americans on the election process.


Creative solutions encourage peace 

We believe that melting illicit assault rifles and handguns into usable consumer products is a cause worth supporting. Our campaign tells the story with taste and dignity. 


History leads to insights 

For #TBT "Throwback Thursday" we initiated an anniversary campaign, highlighting many "firsts" in Cross' 170 history.  Employees love it and feel proud to be part of this legendary American company.




Let's get social.