Our suite of capabilities enable you to engage your audiences so that you can listen, influence, network, manage your reputation and sell. Conversations among our team and our clients reflect the ever-changing worlds of social research, mobile technology and creativity.


Strategy Development

A winning strategy is key to success. Our team will evaluate where you are strategically, where you want to go and how to get there. The first step in developing solutions for our clients is to leverage our 75+ years of brand and agency experience to prepare a detailed SSWOT (social strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat) analysis.


Content Creation

The art of conversation. Our creative team represents seasoned copywriters, art directors, video producers, thought-leaders, influencers and recognized technology innovators with ideas to engage your users.

Pre and post research allows us to measure the effectiveness of the thousands of posts we publish annually for our clients. We ensure the message is updated daily, with original, first-run creative.

At the outset, we will jointly identify ten or more unique message buckets, which will keep the story fresh on a daily basis.


Paid Advertising

Budgets build brands. Paid advertising, paid social search or performance-based activations may be needed to meet your goals. Our team has been responsible for over $20 billion in media spend, overlapping or concentrated in social.

Every dollar placed is carefully allocated and optimized in real-time to maximize effectiveness. Tech-stack targeting and programmatic buying offers state-of-the-art efficiency, based on our 360-degree knowledge of the mobile and social technology.



Social sells. The process is subtle but, it works. Our clients' calendars of events, announcements and promotions are pre-planned to coordinate with their sales group and selling seasons. 

The goal is to encourage user participation with conventional offers, contests, promotions, announcements, etc. or by leveraging user-generated content. We have a track record of converting brand advocates into brand influencers. 

Community listening.png


Empathy can't be faked. Whether it's communicating with customers via social, email, phone or in-person at numerous live events, our experienced team helps clients maintain a healthy dialogue with their core constituencies, using all these tools and more.

Since 2010, from Cannes & Mobile World Congress to Advertising Week and ComicCon, we have helped our clients get the necessary feedback, in the form on one-to-one conversations, or post-event research, or however it is best to facilitate a dialogue. Our ability to do this is global, with deep experience in top U.S. and Western Europe markets.



Results Matter. Social is a measurable medium. We use state-of-the-art tools such as Sprout/Google Analytics which enable us to develop metrics, compare profiles, user engagement, competitors, performance, trending, and tag reports.

The list of elements that demonstrate progress can range from measuring desired audience search terms, their locations, shared content, social expressions, product comparisons, loyalty programs, past purchase history, wish lists and shopping lists, coupon and price alerts, or entertainment and travel.


PR & Influencing

The PR effect. To a large degree, knowing the players in PR determines your level of success. Since we are connected to people in the field, we have the ability to navigate the clutter of content and influencer publishing, with thought-leadership pieces on an op-ed page, or having a CEO speak on television.

With a 20-year history of thought-leadership, our PR success stories range from gaining high exposure via fun product placement at regional events, to controversial activist-based efforts that touch on education, gun control, or government activities. 


Business Development

Sealing the deal. Success in creating a solution dependent upon our understanding of what the client is looking for and creating a solution that fulfills that need. Leveraging incentives, relationships and generating sales proposals relies on a combination of art, science, diplomacy and timing.

It's all about the insight. Our creative and strategic analysts work with marketing and sales groups to help accomplish goals, using an arsenal of social tools that are tailored to the individual situation. 


Tech Partners

Who you know. Our relationships are deep in mobile and social. We have long-standing relationships with the top management at leading tech firms enabling us to recommend the appropriate solution(s). From our strong association with Mediasmith, the industry's much awarded, progressive and transparent independent media agency, to XOMAD, a key partner with whom we coordinate our influencer efforts with, we have over 100 relationships in the mobile and social space alone.




Having a specialized team (or extra pair of eyes) on your strategy and/or tactics can make it better. We can provide objective insights and work with your internal team, or act as your internal team. It's all about the relationship.